Wire Leads & Sets


 Our harnesses are made from multiple conductor sizes.The terminations can be crimped, soldered or inserts for molded blocks. We do imprinting of harness wires. 

Harness Assembly


 Our wire harness conductors range from 2 to 26 AWG. The terminationscan be crimped, soldered or inserts for pre-molded blocks. Each individual harness wire can be laser imprinted. 

Power Cords


 Power Cord services offered:
Molded plugs (North American and International styles)
Assembled plugs
Stripped and terminated (as requested)
UL/CSA/European agency approvals
Multiple gauges and jacket types available 

Sub Assemblies


 Marcole can modify different types of electrical devices.
We subassemble new customer supplied components, retro-fit and test existing parts.